The door slowly closes behind you. You are suddenly enclosed within a room containing numerous locked doors.

All you need to do is find the clues, combine and use them to help you solve the final puzzle – the key to escape.

Using real objects to solve puzzles and open doors, you will truly feel like you’re the lead character of a movie, book or computer game,

for REAL!



Ziya The Librarian

Ziya the Librarian was a man dedicated and in love with his books. He would spend his entire limited librarian wage on his beloved books, they meant everything to him. Eventually he would go on to lose his mind thinking about the possibility of losing his books, and would resort to preventing those who have entered the house from ever leaving. The only way to ever leave Ziya the Librarian’s house is to find his favourite book and decode the clues.

Sevilay The Artist

Sevilay the Artist has travelled to many countries around the world; however it was after a trip to Italy that she truly developed a deep passion for Renaissance works, particularly understanding and practicing the works of Leonardo Da Vinci. During her last days, she would spend all of her time in her workshop, in front of her canvas, closed off to the outside world. After her death, in memory of Sevilay, her family would go on to take her works of art under protection at her gallery. Until the mysteries of Leonardo are solved, none of her artwork can leave her gallery.

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